Fred Lindgren Photography

Fred Lindgren is a photographer out of Dallas, TX that shoots everything from real estate to cosplay. He needed a "simple cut and dry portfolio where the images speak for themselves". So I worked with him to design and develop an easy to manage custom WordPress site that would do just that.

The Process

The project was kicked off with a phone call. During the initial phone call we were able to get on the same page for the goal of the design and we were able to uncover a few other requirements mostly related to the ease of maintenence. After the phone call, different content management systems and plugins were looked at to satisfy the requirements. We landed on WordPress which would give him the flexibility to add new functionality later through the plugins. We Also looked at a few succesful photography portfolios to get some ideas what kind of experience we should provide.

The Resulting Information Architecture

Once the gameplan was decided I moved on to wireframes. We iterated through a couple versions of wireframes to nail down the layout then moved on to design and development. During design and development, we would check in a couple times to ensure everything was on track before getting ready for handoff. To help facilitate the handoff I created a guide with some introductory information on WordPress and managing his new site as well as where to go for more information.


Final Thoughts

This was a pretty straight forward website. It was just meant to be a portfolio that he could send prospective customers to help give them confidence in his abilities. Because of the simple goal, it didn't require a ton of user research or churn during the wireframing which can be refreshing some times. On the other hand, I'd love to do some more research on how users actually browse through photography portfolios. How many shots do they actually look at? Are they looking that closely or just scanning and performing a sort of litmus test? There is definitely still some interesting research that could be done in this area!